How to Commission Your Custom Painting
Not sure? Don't worry! Valorie will guide you through your options with no pressure, no obligation. If you decide to proceed, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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Some Ideas to Consider...
1. Subject.
Yourself? Another person? Favorite place? Keepsakes? If your idea is a portrait, do you have thoughts about the pose or setting? Call Valorie to discuss your ideas.
Head & shoulders
2. Size.
Do you have a specific place in mind where the painting will hang? You'll want to consider a size that will fit that space.

Size may also be influenced by the number of subjects or how much of your subject will be in the painting.
Multiple subjects
14 x 18
3/4 figure with props
to tell a story, 20 x 24
Full figure in a landscape, 16 x 20

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Full figure in an interior, 20 x 30