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A fine art painting has a rich emotional quality that can't be matched by a photograph and can actually feel more "real" than a photograph. It can depict a greater sense of depth and create an emotional connection between the subject, artist and viewer. Most portraits in museums today were originally commissioned by family members just like you.

A portrait or other custom painting can be part of your legacy for generations to come. How do you want to be remembered? What would you share with your great grandchildren about yourself?

What is special about your spouse, child or grandchild that you would like to capture? Is there a special memory or event you would like to memorialize? As your child grows up (all too soon!), your painting will become an increasingly precious family treasure.
" Every person is uniquely beautiful, created in Godís Image. My calling is to see and portray that beauty - the life, heart, and personality abiding within one's physical appearance."
"Staying Clean, Mostly"
Oils, 11 x 14

Valorie Snyder Studio of Fine Art

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